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Nat and Drew Anniversary

10 years baby

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10 years baby

It was our 10th birthday this past week!  Needless to say, I was super excited about it and was all gushy and hyped about the fact that we’d reached this wonderful milestone in our relationship. So you can imagine my surprise when Millie was, uh, shall I say, a little less syked. I thought I’d share how the chat unfolded…

p.s. I absolutely love the passage from Maya Angelou that you’ll find at the end. Discover more about this extraordinary woman on her website

Love Nat x
Live to the fullest, Love completely and Shop with passion

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Catherine Tate Portraits

Am I Bovvered?

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Am I Bovvered? Yes, I am!

I watched an inspiring interview recently with peak-performance expert Anthony Robbins, which I am really excited to share with you. He was interviewing successful entrepreneur Marie Forleo. In the interview Forleo explained the importance of having moment-to-moment awareness about everything you do. She described this mindset as being A Pro. I loved this! She gave examples of doing even your everyday tasks such as making the bed and brushing your teeth as great opportunities to show your Pro-like status; “make the bed as a professional bed maker”, she said. She went on to say you should also brush your teeth and do every mundane task with the same level of precision and awareness.

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