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Dancing shoes


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Have you ever wondered what your true calling was or why you were put on the planet?

If this is an easy question for you to answer then awesome!

But if you’ve ever struggled to answer this or if your answer is a little more complex then guess what that’s awesome too!

Pearl Grace blog, passionIf you’re a creative multifaceted spirit with many passions then I think it’s worth knowing that it’s perfectly “normal” to love many things because passion is changeable.

You can love one thing one minute and another thing the next.

You can love doing one thing your entire life or love many different things throughout your journey.

Now, I wish I knew this when I was younger because my journey to finding my purpose in life would’ve been so much easier.

Here’s the thing, no matter how many vision boards you create or self-help books you read or inspirational programs you sign up to you will never find your passion until you look within yourself and hone in on the things that you love.

Let me elaborate.

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Pearl Grace Story Time Blog

Story Time

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Pearl Grace ImaginationEvery night before Muffin goes to bed we read him a story.

We snuggle up under the blanket and prepare ourselves for story time.

Then we open the book and delve into a world of fantasy and make believe.

Muffin giggles and squirms as we put on different voices pretending to be the various characters.

He plays along with delight and points at the colourful illustrations of fairy princesses, brave knights, evil villains and magical creatures.

We often tickle him and he squeals with laughter.

We all enjoy story time but Muffin absolutely loves it!

The other night after putting Ealy to bed I found myself thinking about how fleeting these moments are.

The months feel like they are flying by at lightening speed. I can’t believe it’s April already!

Pearl Grace, Laughter, Imagination and Dreams

One day I’ll blink and my little man won’t be my little man anymore.

He won’t want me to read him a bedtime story or kiss him till his cheeks are red.

I remember thinking, how wonderful is has been creating these memories but it’s a shame it has to come to an end. Or does it?

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Pearl Grace Blog, Time


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Time. I don’t know about you but I never feel like I have enough time.

On most days I feel like I’m scrambling.

Pearl Grace Blog, TimeI’m usually rushing around stressed and tired, fighting desperately with myself to complete as many things as possible by midnight.

It’s in these moments that I curse the blasted clock and damn it to hell for not giving me more time!

Then there are days when time flies by and I’ve hardly even noticed.

In these moments I feel like I’m firing on all cylinders and making massive moves in the direction of my dreams.

Everything appears to be going according to plan and life is good.

I take time in these glorious moments to sing Times’ praises… Halleluiah!

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Pearl Grace Blog, confidence

Is confidence over-rated?

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Is confidence over-rated?

Have you ever fancied someone but never told him or her how you felt because you were afraid of what they’d say?

Have you ever really wanted something but didn’t go for it because you didn’t think you were good enough?

I know I have.

Pearl Grace Blog, confidenceI think it was because I lacked confidence. I don’t think I would have admitted this before but that was the truth.

Despite going to theatre school, performing on stage and having an outgoing personality, I lacked confidence and self-belief for many years.

I would use my lack of knowledge, limited experience and minimal resources as “valid” reasons that prevented me from going after some big opportunities in my life.

The truth was they were just excuses.

I’d convince myself into thinking that I didn’t have what it took to get the gig or get the job because I wasn’t “good enough”.

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