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When things go wrong

When the shizzle hits the fan

What do you do when the shizzle hits the proverbial fan?

We’ve all been there. Everything seems to be going smoothly then BAMM!

When things go wrong blogSomething happens that sends everyone for a loop, throws you way off course and threatens to ruin everything that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

It’s never fun to go through this and as much as I like surprises, quite frankly, these are the ones I can do without.

But as the bumper sticker says, ‘shit happens’ so rather than fight to prevent the inevitable I think its far more productive to arm yourself with some tools to help you deal with the unexpected event more assertively.

Let’s get sassy and smart at controlling our emotions and reactions!

I’m sharing the 4 top tips that I’ve found to work brilliantly well over the years.  Plus I’ve thrown in a couple more rich insights at the end to assist you on becoming a little pro in the department of hard knocks and minor set backs.

Here goes…

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Family – Avoid the Fight

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Family – Avoid the fight

Pearl Grace Blog, FamilySometimes relationships with our family members can feel like hard work.

You feel like you give and give and give and receive very little in return.

Sometimes you fight, fall out and stop speaking all together. This isn’t great. It’s not ideal and is far from desirable.

The relationship can become so strained that you begin to wonder if things will ever be blissful again.

We fight The Good Fight with our family because ultimately we love them but disharmony with our partners, parents, siblings and children can be painful and destructive when problems are unresolved.

We want to believe that our nearest and dearest are kind and good people and just because they wind us up doesn’t mean they’re not.

But there are times when members of our tribe say and do things that jar us, annoy us and quite frankly piss us off royally.

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Pearl Grace stres


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Pearl Grace stress You feel tense.

The muscles in your neck and shoulders tighten up.

The skin across your forehead draws down and without realising it a frown appears across your face.

You feel frustrated, annoyed, and angry. You’re short tempered and snap at anyone within range.

It’s a shitty day so you eat crappy food that you know isn’t good for you, which let’s face it, makes you feel even worse.

You might wash your meal down with a few beers or a glass of wine because you think it will help you to “relax”.

By the end of what has been an awful day you have a headache and your stomach is bloated.

You can kiss sweet goodbye to any lovin’ with your partner that night cos you’re “not in the mood“.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that you’re stressed.

Urgh! Stress is a bitch.

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