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Say What

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Say what?

Pearl Grace Blog Say WhatI’ve been deaf for the past 7 days.

Last week I had a searing pain across the left side of my head and moments later my left ear blocked up.

By the time I got into bed that night I had a severe case of tinnitus pulsating through my ear drum, I felt sick, feverish and disorientated.

What the hell was happening? I thought.

The following day I took my toosh to the nearest out of hours clinic and saw the doc on call.

As I explained my symptoms to him and what had happened to me – which on reflection was done in a highly dramatic fashion – I saw him crack a small smile.

I thought what the hell are you smiling at? I swear, I could’ve punched this dude out (if I could stand up without swaying)

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Pearl Grace What the funk?

What the Funk?

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What the Funk?

What the funk? PG post

Ugh, what’s that smell?

No. It’s not the fresh stench of cow manure filling the Derbyshire air.

It’s me! I stink. I’ve been in a shitty mood all week – a royal pain in the arse. Seriously, my attitude sucks.

Things have been off the chart crazy recently culminating in the fact that we’re currently homeless while we wait for work to be finished on our new home. I think the stress of everything has finally got to me.

Last week we packed up our entire lives and threw everything into storage.

We are currently living out of two suitcases and a car boot full of random stuff to get through the next few days.

When we realised that the work on our new home wouldn’t be completed by the time we were set to leave our old home we could’ve freaked out majorly.

Instead we decided to turn a potentially dire situation into something more positive.

What the funk? PG post

Can you say, ROAD TRIP! That’s what we decided to do.

Sometimes life throws you a couple of cracked eggs and it’s in those moments you make a decision… chuck ‘em out or make scrambled eggs. We hoisted on our aprons, grabbed the whisk and got mixing.

We loaded up the car and headed north from London to the Peak District in Derbyshire.

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