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About Me

Hey Beautiful!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

In case you were unsure you’ve reached Pearl Grace Life – a very happy, sunny and loving blog – Click away now if happiness ain’t your thing!

I started it totally by accident while pursuing another dream but people started telling me that they liked what I was writing so now here I am.

For those of you who were following me before, I promise you that the inspiring, positive and cheerful posts that you were enjoying haven’t stopped.

Instead they will be continuing here at Pearl Grace Life.

It’ll be the same level of love just from a different home.

Natalie MilliganFor those of you finding me for the first time, forget what I just said, and welcome!

As you can see there’s still tons to do on the site (it’s a very exciting project!)

I plan on offering you so much from this humble little online space of mine – I’m so psyched!

Be sure to stick around. Be patient. I’m on it!

In the meantime I didn’t want you to miss out on your regular dose of Pearl Grace Love so the blog page is up and running.

I will continue to fill it with sweet little gems of joy in the form of videos, posts, articles and all that good stuff.

You’ll continue to receive email updates from me (unless of course you’ve already got too much love in your life and hearing from me will send you over the edge and you choose to opt out).

If you haven’t signed up… What are you waiting for?? Do it now so you don’t miss a single treat, news update, amazing story, free tip and so much more that I only share in email. 

Again, I love you so much for checking us out – I’m so grateful 

Nat x

Natalie lives in the English countryside with her husband, Drew, son Ealy and a bouncy 6 year old Lab called Riley. Meet her brood HERE!

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