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Meet The PG Family

Master of the House

Ealy Milligan






“Yeah, that’s right people, I run the show.”

Name: Ealy

Alias: Muffin Man/Easy E

Age: 1 but don’t let that fool you… I know things!

Experience: Wouldn’t you like to know… Hey, I’ve got eyes and I use them.

Skills: Clapping, waving, making lots of noise, feeding myself, and my proudest achievement to date, walking.

Favourite Songs: Buffalo Soldier, So Close and Locked out of heaven.

Favourite Show: Sesame Street (Standard)

Favourite Film: Well, Daddy wants me to like Transformers and Tron but I’m feeling Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady and The Lion King – Go Mummy!

Hobbies: Going to baby music class, swimming with daddy but not underwater, ain’t feeling that so much. Pulling off mummy and daddy’s glasses, putting things in my mouth – namely bits of fluff, mummy’s hair and the remote – pulling Riley’s tail and poking him in the eye. Ah, fun times.

My role: To be irresistibly cute.


Trusted Advisor

The PG Family

“Listen, I’m the voice of reason around here and you’ll realise that soon enough.”

Name: Riley

Alias: Mr. Riley/The Ryster/Sausage Roll

Age: 4

Experience: Well, living with this pack ain’t for the faint hearted so I can handle whatever you throw my way.

Skills: Look I don’t like to brag but I’ve been known to pull out a few party tricks in my time. I can roll over, bow, high-5, beg, all on command especially with a tasty treat as a prize. I’m pretty awesome when it comes to running and fetching too. Give me a ball, a Frisbee or a stick and I’m in my element.

Favourite Songs: Snoop Doggy Dogg (Obvs.)

Favourite Show: The Dog Whisperer (Naturally)

Favourite Film: Anything that the Old Man watches on his own that way there’s room for me on the couch as well.

Hobbies: Chasing squirrels, swimming, sniffing other dogs (not so cool with them sniffing me, mind), eating Muffin’s left overs – in fact this is fast becoming one of my favourite past times.

My role: I’d like to think I bring a much-needed canine perspective to the proceedings but for the most part I just eat and sleep a lot.


Big Papa

The PG Family

Name: Drew

Alias: Millie /Bluntboy

Age: Why? Who’s asking? I’m old, OK?

Experience: Life, and Master Easy E is teaching me a lot.

Skills: I can shake my bootie like Beyoncé when I’m in the zone.

Favourite Show: Ah that’s easy, anything where there’s a threat to civilisation and to life as we know it and Kiefer Sutherland is the only man in the whole world who can save us.

Favourite Film: Uh, it’s gotta be anything where the world is about to end and Tom Cruise and Will Smith are the only two people in the whole world who can save us.

Hobbies: Walking with a bouncy yellow lab pushing a buggy round the park with my hoodie up so I look tough – you don’t wanna mess with this papa smurf.

My role: Escorting the little man round to all his busy and important appointments.


The Little Lady

The PG Family

Name: Natalie

Alias: Titch/ Shortcrust/Smiley

Age: Old enough to remember when it was cool to rock my very own matching shell suit ensemble with purple Reebok classics. That was cool once, right?

Experience: Ah, you know this and that.

Skills: I’d like to reel off a long and impressive list that would make me sound like a savvy lady and a domestic goddess but the truth is I’m mostly proud of my ability to effectively and without mess change a poopy nappy on a toddler that thinks lying on his back is the worst thing in the world and to do this in less than 2 minutes.

Favourite Show: Peep Show, Scrubs, The Office

Favourite Film: Finding Nemo, Forrest Gump – “Life is like a box of chocolates”Hash-tag love

Hobbies: Little bit of this, little bit of that.

My role: Seriously. How much time do you have?

In this HOME we do sharing. We do laughter. We do mistakes. We do real. Sometimes we do silly. We do our best. We do fun. We do grace. We do I’m sorrys. We do loud really well. We do hugs. We do family. We do awesome. WE DO LOVE. 

PG Q: What 5 things make your family the best, fantastic, fun and special? 

Love Nat x
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