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Is it time to check out of life’s inessentials?

Pearl Grace Life, check outOK, I’ve got a question for you guys…

Is it time to check out of life’s inessentials?

Over the past few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time unsubscribing from email newsletters, turning off my notifications and opting out of group chats.

Basically anything that I felt was no longer serving me or that I felt I wasn’t learning or growing from, I decided to call departure time on. I checked out.


Well, because when you choose to check out of the things that are no longer benefiting you in a productive way you free yourself up to focus on more exciting and enriching things.

Obviously, you still have the same 24-hours in the day but you can now use these precious moments more wisely doing the things that increase happiness and improve the quality of your life.

When we choose to check out of the inessential things that often clutter up our lives we can check-in with your friends and family on a deeper level.

We can also use our time to check-in with ourselves and on our own life’s purpose; what drives us, turns us on, motivates and supports the acquisition of our dreams.

I found the process of checking out of a few group chats the other day very liberating.

I know I sound a little dramatic but here’s what happened.

After I checked out, I realised that I had no reason to check the WhatsApp group to see if anyone had posted anything.

I had fewer reasons to carry my phone in the back pocket of my jeans while I hoovered the house.

There was no need to take my phone with me when we went out for a Sunday family walk or heaven forbid take it with me to the little girls room. (I mean, what on earth is so important that you need to read your phone whilst sitting on the bog!)

Here’s the thing, before I decided to leave these social groups, I thought about how much Ipearl grace life check out was contributing to them and how much I was getting out of them. I suggest you carry out a mini survey of your own.

If after closer evaluation you realise, like me, that you are no longer giving or getting as much as you once did then the decision is made.

Now, I hasten to add that my love for the peeps in the group chats remained unchanged but my need to be part of the online group was no longer a necessity in my life – at least not right now.

So, you might be curious about what I decided to check out from…

  • emails from people/companies that I never read
  • newsletters that I subscribed to but no longer have an interest in
  • Facebook, twitter, pinterest and other social media news and updates that I don’t need to know about
  • text messaging and email notifications that distract me from what I’m doing at the time. I switched them all off.
  • Flashes, vibrations, beeps, dings and all other noises that my phone can make that interrupt me throughout the day. I turned them all off.

I know they seem like obvious things but it will amaze you to see how much energy – mental, emotional and psychical – you use up in reacting, responding or replying to all the inessential things that show up throughout your day.

So, here’s what I decided to do. I decided to trade texting for talking.

I opted to make a conscious effort to phone my friends more and have a good old fashioned chat.

Do remember the good ol’ days when we used to call each other and hear the other person’s voice?! 

pearl grace life check outIf they’re overseas friends then I’ll FaceTime them.

I’ll spend quality time checking-in on that relationship and make my friend a priority, because they are.

It’s worth stating that this check out process has been very cleansing.

I realised that some of my friendships are really important to me and those are the ones that I am passionate about and committed to honouring and investing in.

But here’s the kicker, I realised that some friendships are not. That might sound a little harsh but it’s true.

There might be relationships in your life that you need to break away from.

Perhaps it’s time to check out of it so you can experience something or someone new.

Since starting my check out program I have seen a massive shift to the positive with respect to both my work flow and productivity as well as the quality of social time I’m spending with friends and family.

So, here’s what you can look forward to after you check out…

  • You’ll get more done. You’ll be more productive and focused.
  • You’ll engage more with the people around you.
  • You’ll begin to appreciate the gift of living in the present a lot more.
  • You’ll have more time to internalise your own thoughts and emotions and think about YOU; what you’re doing or plan to do.
  • You will ultimately free yourself up to enjoy the real joys of life. And appreciate the richness of your life.

And that’s what I want for you – A life of true abundance; more love, more joy and a true sense of meaning and purpose.

After all isn’t that what life is all about ? – the real connections we create throughout our lives.

Now before I go, I’ve got a treat for you.

To say THANK YOU for subscribing, supporting this blog and for being part of this amazing online family, I want to give you my FREE 5-Step Guide to ‘checking out’ with ease.

You will discover easy-to-apply habits that make checking out a breeze. It will arrive in your Inbox in the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled for that.

If you’re not subscribed to our mailing list, then what have you got to lose!? Subscribe Today – its FREE but the tips are PRICELESS.

‘Til next time folks,

All my love,
Nat x


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Pearl Grace Life: Give what you want

Give what you want

Give what you want

Pearl Grace Life: Give what you wantI’ve got a question for you.

What’s the one thing you want most? And no, I’m talking about the latest Ferrari or pair of Louboutin heels.

As nice as they both sound, gifts of the material variety are not what I’m talking about today.

I’m asking you to consider what one thing you crave the most in your life right now.

Do you want more confidence? More courage? More love? More companionship? 

Do you desire more success? More meaning? More peace? More passion?

Go on, dig deep and ask yourself what you really want right now?

At the time of writing this post, I want more patience.

It feels as though my little boy has hit the quote-unquote “terrible-twos” a year and half late.

He is driving us absolutely crazy and right now what I want, and desperately need for my own sanity, is more patience.

Now, all my habitual yoga and meditative practices seem fine when I’m lying on my mat in the calm and peaceful dawn of twilight while the rest of the house is asleep.

But when the creek of Ealy’s bedroom door breaks the silence of my meditative state I know that soon enough all hell will break lose for then next 12 hours.

So, I’ve been thinking, how can I get better at dealing with my ‘incredibly-adorable-but-makes-me-want-to-pull-my-hair-out’ son?

And then I remembered something that I heard a couple of years ago from author and personal development, Darren Hardy, in his book The Compound Effect.

He said, “Whatever I want more of in life, I’ve found the best way to get it is to focus on giving it to others… The ripple effect of helping others and giving generously of your time and energy is that you become the biggest beneficiary of your personal philanthropy”. 

And all of a sudden, right then and there, I decided a shift in my behaviour was necessary.

If I wanted to have more patience throughout the day then I needed to focus my attention and energy on demonstrating it to others.

That meant, not getting in a strop at the Post Office because the clerk was taking longer than I would’ve liked with another customer.

That meant not looking at my watch when Drew started to tell me about his day.

That meant not yelling at Riley for stopping “too much” to smell the grass and play with other dogs while on the morning walk.

Pearl Grace Life: Give what you wantNo. Right then and there, I decided that in order for me to invite patience in to my life I had to demonstrate a patient attitude to everyone with whom I came into contact with.

By doing this, I found that it naturally filtered through into my interactions with the Little Master of the house.

Now, I’m not saying that it works every time – heck, I’m still dealing with an unpredictable 3-year old – but for the most part it really helps.

As we embark on the start of a new week and as we approach Valentine’s Day, I want to pass this philosophy over to you.

Ask yourself, what do I want more of? And then ask yourself, who can I give more of that same thing to?

If you lack confidence, think about who you can give more confidence to. If you want more success in your life, think of the people you can inspire and help to attain success in their own lives.

And yes, as Valentine’s Day creeps closer and closer, this question is very befitting; If you want more love, who can you give more love to?

And I’m talking about all forms of love; from intimate love to platonic love, from the love you show to your children to the love you show to a stranger.

I believe that when you give more love you open yourself up to receiving more of the same. And that same rule applies to everything else that you choose to share/give to others.

Now, before I go, I want to leave you with this final thought. Don’t forget to include yourself in the list of worthy recipients.

Show more love to yourself this week. Show yourself more kindness, more tenderness, more patience and more respect.

When you screw up – as we all do from time to time – say nice things to yourself, don’t beat yourself up. Tell yourself, you live to fight another day and will do better next time.

So, my darlings, go now, and give it a try. Then come back and tell me how it impacted your life.

Go give what you want.

Love Nat x

Discover more about Darren Hardy HERE.

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Oh and in case you were wondering why I’ve chosen a Dirty Dancing pic for the title image. It’s because it’s full of many of the themes we’ve talked about here; love, courage, passion, self-esteem, bravery and the rest. Plus it’s hot ‘n’ steamy – ideal V-Day viewing x  

Pearl grace life blog creativity post

Japan, Poison Ivy and Creativity

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Japan, Poison Ivy and Creativity

Pearl Grace Life Create yourselfSo beautiful people, how psyched are you feeling about 2016?

Ready to get creative and set new challenges,  soar to new heights, achieve those big tantalising dreams, meet the love of your life?? All the above? 

Heck, why not?! Anything is possible, right? And you’re the only one who can make those dreams come true.

But the truth is nothing will change if you don’t change. I know that sounds harsh but it’s true.

If you want things to be different this year then you have to do things differently. In layman’s terms you have to change.

To think otherwise is a sign of insanity, you know, doing the same things over and over again expecting to get different results.

Now, I know you’re not crazy – well, at least I hope you’re not – and I would love for 2016 to be your best year ever.

I truly want it to surpass last year and for you to be better, happier and more fulfilled than ever before.

So, in today’s post, I want so share a story with you.  I heard it a few years ago and thenPearl Grace Life Creativity blog post stumbled across it again while clearing out my mailbox over Christmas.

On the surface it appears to be about the power of the mind but really I think its about something even bigger than that. I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts so be sure to tell me at the end.

As the title suggests, its about Japan, poison ivy and creativity. It goes a little something like this:

There was a fascinating study done in Japan where they blindfolded students and then told the students that their right arms were being rubbed with a poison ivy plant.

Afterwards, all the students reacted with classic symptoms of poison ivy, such as itching, boils and redness. But only a harmless shrub was actually used.

On the other arm, actual poison ivy was used but they were told it was simply a harmless shrub. Only 2 of the 13 students broke out with poison ivy symptoms. 

According to psychologists this is called Expectant Theory. This is when the expectations that the brain creates can be as real as those created by events in the real world.

Isn’t that incredible?!

Pearl Grace Life Creativity blog postIt proves how powerful your mind is.

So when it come to the new year and the “new” you, if indeed that’s one of your goals, then consider this, you will get out of life what you tell your brain is achievable and possible.

Think doom and gloom and that’s what you’ll get.

Think glass half full and nothing good ever happens to you and, yep that’s right, that’s what 206 will look like for you.

That’s why the adage: you get in life what you put in is so true. It’s said so often that it’s practically a cliché and it’s easy to become numb to what you hear all the time.

But the reality is that what you choose to focus on will eventually manifest into reality.

If you focus on stumping your toe on the bed in the middle of the night when you take that sleepy trip to the loo then you will, most likely sooner or later, stump your fricking toe.

I know that’s a silly example but you get the drift.

Tweet it out peeps: “Be the designer of your own destiny” – Oscar de la Renta via @PearlGraceLife

So, let’s wrap this up with a little food for thought, what are you telling your brain to create in 2016? What visions are you holding in your mind’s eye for the months ahead?

Are they hopeful, joyful, brimming with health, vitality, love and success? Are you foreseeing fun Pearl Grace Life Creativity posttimes with family and friends, trying new things, experiencing new adventures and creating lasting memories?

It’s all possible for you. Just you give your brain permission to create it.

That’s why vision boards are so powerful. They remind your brain of the things that are important to you and of the things you want to have or achieve in your life.

As creative beings – that’s all of us by the way, not just people who “quote-unquote” are ‘creative’ or have ‘creative and artistic jobs’ – it’s our responsibility to create the life we wish to enjoy.

And as creative beings our lives are a sum total of the things we create and I mean the total of everything; our relationships, our jobs, our health, our finances, our homes, our car, our style, our attitude, our habits and routines.  Everything.

Pearl Grace Life Blog Creativity PostBut the most incredible factor in all of this brain-and-creativity stuff is that our imaginations are limitless.

To para-phrase the great Napoleon Hill, “Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve” so don’t hold back.

Let 2016 be the year that you truly GO FOR IT.

Let it be the year that you become more and do more; more living, more laughing, more loving, more caring, more reading, more growing, more learning, more sharing, more touching, more listening and yes even more crying.

Let it be the year your permit your heart to feel more, be moved more, understand more and to appreciate more.

Can you imagine how incredible 2016 will be for you… Wait a minute, you can! … Well, then go on and create it.

Hey and don’t be shy, tell me how you intend to create a magical year in the comments below.

All my love,

Nat x


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Pearl Grace Life: Anchors and engines

Anchors and Engines

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Anchors and Engines

Pearl Grace Life: Anchors and EnginesI’d like to share a story with you.

The other day I was with a friend and we got to talking about our hopes and dreams for next year.

As much as I love chatting about this stuff with you here on the blog, I often find myself quite guarded when asked about my dreams, never really knowing how much of myself to share or what parts of my dreams to throw out into the conversation.

So I listened to her and then I started talking about the blog and my passion for writing and sharing ideas with like-minded people etc.

The more I talked the less I felt like I wasn’t being listened to but rather judged.

Her look of, “what-do-you-know-about-helping-people” was glaringly obvious.

I then found myself trying to justify my intentions, “Well, you know, I’m an avid reader and love listening to self-improvement material and I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my life and relationships. I also love people and really want to share these tips and ideas with my amazing readers on the blog because I truly feel it can make a difference in their lives. And don’t we all deserve to be happy? The world needs happier people, right?… blah blah blah”

By the end of my bordering on D.D. sounding speech – desperate and depressing – I was quite literally Pearl Grace Life: Anchors and Enginessick of the sound of my own voice.

It was clear by the look on her face that her mind was already made up and  I was a fool to think I was anything special or that I could make a difference.

It sucked and later that night, I realised that not only did her silence and disapproving eyebrows leave me wanting to “explain” myself but it also left me doubting and second-guessing who I am and what I could achieve.

My buzz was killed. I mean well and truly annihilated and left on the battlefield where other hopes and dreams wither away and die at the hands of the big bad naysayers.

It would come as no surprise that I felt pretty shitty. Perhaps, she was right, “Who am I? What gives me the right to write and share my thoughts with the world? Holy crap, maybe she’s right!”

I’m sharing this story with you because if you’ve ever had something like that happen to you then I want you to know that you’re not alone. I feel you.

We all have people – it may even be our partners or family members – who love to be our “reality-check” when in actual fact I prefer to regard them as life’s kill-joys, buzz-zappers and dream-snatchers.

Tweet it out, peeps: “Don’t let someone else’s “no” resonate so loudly that it drowns out the inner “yes” beating in your heart. ” @PearlGraceLife

Pearl Grace Life: Anchors and EnginesIf you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve been made to question yourself. Or you’ve not gone after something that you really wanted because of another person’s limiting beliefs then I urge you not to listen them.

Instead do some ‘social decluttering’ – as in tell those said folks to take a flying jump – then prove them wrong, take action and be amazing.

A wise person once said, “You can’t hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life”. So, reviewing the people we hang around with –  including our friends and family – is massively important.

But another thing that’s equally important is to always be conscious of the kind of friend we are presenting to the world.

For example, How do you show up? Are you positive, supportive and inspiring to be around? Are you an awesome friend, dependable, loyal and loving? Are you everything that you would look for in those closest to you and what you hope people would say about you in your absence?

If not, why not?

As you know we get out of life what we put in. So, if you want your friends and family members to be incredible and meet you on a level that makes you feel happy to be around them then you need to exemplify those exact same qualities yourself.

Having said that we all know people who are stubborn, pig-headed, and down right sour-pusses and no amount of good cheer and positive vibes will change that.

No matter how much sunshine you bring to the party to brighten up their day, that grey gloomy cloud that holds permanent residency over their heads will remain in situ regardless of your good intentions. C’est la vie, baby.

But in all other cases, be the best person you possibly can be and try not to let negative outside influencers distract you or throw you off course from achieving all that you imagine possible in the world and for you.

As we wrap up, I would love to leave you with these wonderful words by model and Pearl Grace Life: Anchors and Enginesbusiness mogul, Kathy Ireland in an interview she gave for Success Magazine:

“Do you surround yourself with anchors or engines? In life there are engines that propel us forward, believe in us and are supportive. And then there are the anchors who weigh everything down. It’s important to stop and think are you surrounding yourself with anchors or engines. Are you an anchor or an engine?”

I love her take on this and think it’s something we can all consider as we move forward towards building, re-building (as the case may be) and strengthening our relationships with friends and loved ones.

And you know what, if you’ve ever been in a situation when someone has been an asshole, – sorry, I mean an anchor – then perhaps its worth firing up your own engine so you can propel yourself in the direction of your heart’s desire.

Never forget that everything you need to succeed and to be your happiest possible self lies within you; what you learn, achieve and the people you meet along the way are your beautiful bonuses.

What you waiting for, go “whip your hair” and be incredible,

All my love,

Nat x

PGQ: How do you push past negativity and the naysayers? Share your tips in the comments below.

For more on Kathy Ireland head over to her site.

Pearl Grace Life, A Schoolboy's Dream

A Schoolboy’s Dream

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A Schoolboy’s Dream

Pearl Grace Life, A schoolboy's dreamSometimes you hear a story that perfectly exemplifies what you are going through.

Well, the other day I was playing imaginary games with Ealy.

Most of the food that I give him, take on different characters and embark on a variety of incredible adventures between the time of leaving his plate and reaching his gob.

This morning was no different. His slice of toast was a scorpion that magically transformed into a helicopter when it reached space. (Pretty, cool, huh?!)

Anyway, somewhere between burning the toast and tripping over Riley with a cup of peppermint tea, I thought about how amazing Ealy’s imagination is. To him everything and anything is possible and his dreams have no bounds.

In that moment I felt compelled to write about it but first I knew I had a canine to walk.

As I headed out the door I stuck my headphones in my ears and an audio program began to play.

It was playing Darren Hardy’s Living Your Best Year EverIt was approaching the end of the recording where Darren tells a story about a schoolboy’s dream. The story originally came from Jack Canfield and you’ll find links to these guys below.

It’s a real pleasure to share the same story with you here because I think it beautiful showcases the power of vision, imagination, having a dream and pursuing it.


Tweet it out peeps: “There is nothing like a dream to create the future” – Victor Hugo via @PearlGraceLife

So, here it goes…

There’s a man named Monty Roberts who owns a horse ranch in Santa Cedro.

Standing before a group of people at a fundraising event, Monty tells the story of a young man who is the son of a roaming horse trainer who would go from stable to stable, race track to race track, farm to farm and ranch to ranch training horses.

As a result the boy’s high school career was continually interrupted. When he was a senior he was asked to write a paper about what he wanted to be when he grew up.

That evening he wrote a 7 page paper describing his goal of someday owning a horse ranch. He wrote about his dream in great detail and even drew a diagram of a 200 acre ranch showing the location of all the buildings, the stables and the track.

Then he drew a detailed floor plan of a 4000 sq ft house that would sit on the 200 acre dream ranch. He put a great deal of his heart into the project and the next day he proudly handed it to the teacher.

Two days later he received his paper back.

On the front of the page was a large red F with a note that read “See me after class”.

The boy with a dream went to see the teacher after class and asked, “Why did I receive an F?”

The teacher said, “This is an unrealistic goal for a boy like you. You have no money. You come from a nomadic family. You have no resources. Owning a horse ranch requires lots of money. You have to buy the land. You have to pay for the original breeding stock and later you’ll have to pay large stud fees. There’s no way you could ever do it.”

Then the teacher added, “If you will re-write the paper with a more realistic goal I will reconsider your grade.”

The boy went home and thought about it long and hard. He asked his father what he should do. His father said, “Look, son, you have to make up your mind on this however I think it’s a very important decision for you.”

Finally, after sitting with it for a week, the boy turned in the same paper, making no changes at all. He said, ” You keep the F, I’ll keep my dream.”

Monty then turned to the assembled group and said I tell you this story because I am that boy and you are sitting in my 4000 sq ft ranch house in the middle of my 200 acre horse ranch.

I still have that school paper framed over the fireplace. He added the best part of the story is that 2 summers ago that same school teacher brought 30 kids to camp out on my ranch for a week.

When the teacher was leaving he said, “Look, Monty, I can tell you this now. When I was your teacher I was something of a dream-stealer. During those years I stole a lot of kids dreams. Fortunately, you had enough gumption to not give up on yours.”

So, as we wrap up our chat today, I want to urge you to never be discouraged and never let anyone steal your dream, nor you theirs for that matter.

Let’s take extra care of the dreams and goals of our kids.

Their spirits are so precious so let’s support them as much as possible. Giving them permission to fantasise, pretend, imagine and dream those wildly ambitious, sensationally unbelievable and extraordinary dreams. Who knows, they may very well come true… wouldn’t that be amazing!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, “what’s with the Katy Perry vid?” Well, it’s there as a gentle reminder of how incredible and unique you truly are. You know, in case you forgot!

So, as Katy says, go and, “let your colours burst.”

With my love, always,
Nat x

Please note: the story, the names, references and entire passage is property of Darren Hardy from his program, Living Your Best Year Ever. Pearl Grace Life does not take any credit for it – I just love it’s message and believe such messages are worth sharing.      

For more on Darren Hardy check out his blog here and to learn more about Jack Canfield head here.

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Pearl Grace Life, Playtime


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Pearl Grace Life, playtimeI saw an awesome tweet the other day that I loved so much that I faved and retweeted it. And now I’d like to share it with you.

It was a simple question that went like this, “Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?”

I thought it was so beautiful and a nourishing piece of food for thought.

So many people in the world are living only a fraction of the life they dreamed possible when they were little.

So many of us have resided ourselves to a life of doing the mundane, living a life of mediocrity and being reliant on the behaviours, attitudes and opinions of other people to determine our own happiness and sense of self-worth.

Over time our idea of what is actually possible in the world and our true potential become skewed after years of conditioning from outside forces.

So, when I saw the tweet, it reminded me of the things I used to love doing when I was a kid; playing dress up – usually like my favourite pop star – and dancing around my living room.

I loved pretending to cook in my imaginary kitchen, which was situated on the top bunk of the bunk bed I shared with my sister. I would then serve my culinary masterpieces to my customers who were seated on the bed below. (You know what, I still think that’s a pretty cool idea for an 8 year old!)

I would secretly re-organise the furniture in the lounge whenever my folks were out and pretend to be the American gymnast Dominique Dawes and I’d flip and roll over the floor and chairs.

I would make up a ton of stories in my head with different characters, write scripts and perform my “hit show” to my mum while she cooked dinner. (No wonder my folks sent me to theatre school).

Needless to say I was a carefree dreamer and was open about expressing it.

Then mum got sick and by the time I was 19 both my parents had passed away.

Tweet it out peeps: “Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein via @PearlGraceLife

As you can imagine I had to grow up very fast. And for the next decade of my life I got “serious”.

I became serious about getting my degree, getting a job, working hard, buying my first home.

It was what I felt I had to do.

But I love how the universe conspires on your behalf. And sometimes the most unexpected of events, such as falling pregnant, can offer you an opportunity to reassess your life choices and purpose.

I had no idea how much of an impact having a baby would have on my life.

Ealy has been – and remains to be – the single greatest teacher I’ve ever had.

He teaches me about the beauty of life every single day and his sense of wonder is inspiring.

When I look at him I’m reminded of how fascinating and incredible little people are.

They find joy in the simplest of things. They are fascinated by everything, hungry to learnPearl Grace Life, Playtime post and approach everyday with a sense of wonder.

Ealy finds everything enchanting from the crawling ants to the grazing cows.

He marvels at the rain and the sound of wind. And he’s amazed by trees and would chase after butterflies all day long if I’d let him.

He appreciates these precious gifts that the world offers up for free all the time.

And yet, I don’t think I stopped to smell the fresh air once in my 20’s. I was simply “too busy”, too preoccupied and too old.

But now, I do it every single day. I hasten to add that Ealy has inspired me to relight my fire (Cue Take That) for the things I loved doing when I was a kid.

And now I get to do many of them here on the blog and in life. For example, one of the perks of having a toddler is that cartwheels in the park and playing dress up come as standard!

Ealy has reminded me of the little girl that believed in tooth fairies and mermaids because she was also the same little girl who dreamed of the impossible.

This week, this month, this year, I’m hoping that we all remember who we were before the world told us who we ought to be.

Take a trip down the memory lane of your childhood and remember the things that use to bring you joy, make you happy and gave you the feeling of flying high on the wings of life.

Our boundless imaginations are still swirling around inside of us. They are in our hearts and minds our entire lives waiting for permission to soar.

Show the world who you really are. Let your inner child out to play because it’s playtime, baby.

Now, I’d love to hear your thoughts about this. Do feel like your creative, spirited wings have been clipped by society or the people around you? If so, how do you let your inner child out to play? 

Share with me in the comments below.

All my love,
Nat x

Quick point: Please check out the video (above) by Sir Ken Robinson discussing the need to celebrate children’s creativity more in schools. It’s very funny, insightful and well worth a watch.


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Pearl Grace Life blog Me Myself and I

Me Myself and I

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Me Myself and I

Pearl Grace Life Blog Me Myself and IAnd before you ask, no, I’m not talking about the slow-jam about female empowerment by Beyoncé. Sorry Queen-B fans.

It just so happens that as well as being the title of a hit song, Me Myself and I, is also the attitude of many people in the world.

Take a sec and consider this…

Do you know someone who loves to talk about themselves? They love nothing more than to hear the sound of their own voice – which is usually telling you how awesome they are, how fabulous they look, all the amazing things they’ve done and how incredible other people think they are.

Do you know someone like that? I bet you do. Unfortunately so do I.

But here’s the kicker, if you’re honest with yourself, there’s a strong possibility that you’ve been guilty of doing this yourself at some point. Come on, let me see a show of hands!

I, for one, cringe at my own admission of this behaviour in the past.

Thankfully, we live in a world where we can learn from our poor judgements,  grow and evolve.

According to Dale Carnegie, “People are eternally interested in themselves”.

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Pearl Grace Life You are good enough

You are good enough

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You are good enough

Pearl Grace Life You are good enoughIf you’ve ever questioned whether you are good enough then today’s post is for you.

If you’ve ever thought, I’m not worthy of_____________(fill in the blank) then don’t beat yourself up. Just know that you are worthy and you’re not alone.

The truth is many of us tell ourselves that we’re not deserving of love, success, happiness, money, friendship, peace, and the rest.

But as I talk about in the post Story time these are the stories we tell ourselves because in many instances we are afraid of what will happen if we reach out and actually attain that promotion, that relationship, that new skill that can transform the quality and trajectory of our lives, that physique we’ve always wanted and the career we’ve only ever dreamed about.

It’s therefore easier for us to remain in a place that is comfortable instead of challenging ourselves to achieve what is scary and uncertain.

Even if we’re not entirely happy with our current situation many of us will stay in the same place because it is what we’ve always known; it’s comfortable and it’s familiar. (For more on this check out the post Story time HERE).

But today, I’m asking you to doubt yourself, to question yourself and to feel slightly insecure.

I’m asking you to tap into the thing that makes you feel vulnerable.

Wait a sec, I know what you’re thinking, What, the frick! I came to your blog to feel happy and inspired, man, what the hell is this shizzle?

Well, here’s the thing, realising that you’re human, imperfect, and vulnerable is an important exercise on the path to really finding, or as the case may be increasing your level of joy and happiness.

It’s OK to have moments of self doubt. In fact they’re gonna happen whether you want them to or not. But when they do you should acknowledge how you feel in that moment- and own it.

Say to yourself, “Mmm. ok, I’m not feeling happy about myself right now… I’m feeling a little self-conscious, uncomfortable, ashamed, embarrassed, (whatever.)” Then say, “Ok. let me sit with these feelings for a sec.”

Don’t brush your emotions to one side or under the metaphorical rug. Don’t deny those feelings exist. Accept them because they are a part of you.

You can’t go through life loving and celebrating only the great parts of your character but shunning the parts that you don’t like. No can do, baby.

As the video explains, vulnerability is a powerful tool.

When we open ourselves up to being vulnerable  we also open ourselves up to receiving joy, love, happiness and more meaningful and deeper connections with the people around us.

We all have light and dark sides to our personality – they are what completes us. Being truly happy is about being honest with yourself about who you really are.

It may sound harsh to say this but you’re not perfect and neither am I. Yet despite this glorious fact we are still good enough.

You are good enough to be, do and achieve everything your heart conjures up and whatever your mind plots to achieve.

You are worthy of all the happiness in the world NOT because you are perfect and do all the right things – but just because you are NOT perfect but deserve them anyway.

And if you are passionate, ambitious, dedicated, kind, compassionate, generous and a student of life then you are well on your way to actualising whatever your mind can conceive. The world truly is your oyster.

Let me share this with you…

When I first became a mum, I was scared. Scratch that, I was PETRIFIED!!

I was terrified because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. And when I finally thought I had it sussed Ealy would go through a new phase that left me stumped again.

I was constantly wondering if my mum would be proud of me and if she would support the decisions I was making as a parent. (Confession: this is still a hard one for me to get over – it’s a work in progress.)

I was scared that I didn’t have all the answers, that I was really bad at geography and still counted on my fingers.

Being Ealy’s mum was – and still is – one of the biggest and scariest challenges I’ve ever had to face.

But it was made all the harder because I wanted to be the “perfect mummy” or at least I wanted to be as close to perfect as possible.

Now, logic and life had taught me that “perfection” didn’t exist but nonetheless I still struggled with this feeling that I wasn’t good enough.

Then over time, I found myself again. My old self. My pre-mum self. That person that was up for a laugh, ridiculous fun and who danced around the house like a lunatic.

She began to reappear and man, was I happy to see her again.

I realised in that moment that the best mummy- not the perfect mummy – but the best mummy Ealy could ever have was me.

With all my quirks, flaws, imperfections and rough edges, I was still the best mummy he could ask for because all he needed from me was love… and that was something I had in abundance and I never doubted my ability to shower him with it.

So, I think being happy is a state of mind and heart. Understanding that you are worthy of everything you have in life right now – the good and the not so good – is important if you want to find inner peace and joy.

You aren’t perfect – you never will be – and thank the lucky stars for that.

You will only ever be the best YOU that you can be in that moment.

Sometimes you’ll soar and sometimes you’ll suck.

But in those sucky times you’re still as fabulous, as splendid, as marvellous and as wonderful as you could possibly hope to be.

Believing in your heart that you are worthy of all the great things that life has to offer regardless of your shortcomings is the way to live.

You are MORE than good enough. I know it.

All my love,
Nat x

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” – Brené Brown (Researcher & Storyteller)

Discover more about Brené Brown HERE Images courtesy of

Pearl Grace Sugar Sweet

Sugar Sweet

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Sugar Sweet

Pearl Grace Life Show me yoursOk, this one’s for the girls, although fellas you’ll appreciate it too. In fact I’ll go as far as to say you will love it.

Before we dive right in, you’ll find a link to the audio post that inspired me to write today’s post at the end.

But for now here’s the general gist…

According to Darren Hardy – who by the way is an incredible guy, author, speaker and publisher of Success Magazine – what a man really wants isn’t what we ladies have always thought. You know, food, sex and refuge. Nope, that’s not what he wants.

Here’s Darren’s take:

He wants to be your hero. He wants to impress you. He wants your praise.
ALL we want… more than anything or from anyone… is to hear praise from our woman, to be impressive to her, to be HER hero.

He goes on to say,

Tell your man he is your hero. Be his biggest fan and cheerleader. Make him feel that he is impressive to you. Don’t let others praise and appreciate him more than you do. Continually praise, appreciate and pat him on the head and he will be your best friend and loyal companion forever.

Ok. Girls what do you make of that? 

You gotta listen to the whole thing to reap the full benefit of what he says but when I first heard this perspective I couldn’t stop laughing.

Not because I disagreed but because I felt like this guy had rumbled me and the jig was up!

I’ve been guilty of doing exactly what Darren talks about – holding back the praise because I didn’t think Drew needed it.

Let me be real for a sec. I know my man, and as much as I love him, I often hold back on showering him with sugar sweetness because I think he’s pretty good at stroking his own ego. (I mean that in the most loving of way of course).

But as Darren says so brilliantly, that’s beside the point and totally the wrong way to look at it.

If the only true thing your man is craving on a daily basis is your adulation, your praise and your eternal love then why not just give it to him?

I forwarded the message to Drew much to his delight and he was singing Darren Hardy’s praises for the rest of day! (It was very annoying.)

The truth is it takes nothing for me to tell Drew that I think he’s awesome, that he killed it on a brief (if he did) and that he looked amazing the other night he went out…  you know, girls, all the sugar sweet things that we love to hear our fellas say to us.

And guess what? It works both ways. If we give our men the reverence they so fervently desire then they’ll most likely do the same for us. Win-Win baby!

And to drill home the point further, I’ve been rinsing Maroon 5 on my iPhone this week; while out walking Riley, while strolling through the supermarket, whilst doing the laundry and cooking dinner and the lyrics to their song Sugar is not just wickedly awesome but it  reaffirms Darren’s thoughts on a man’s true needs. Making it a fabulous song for today’s post.

“Sugar, yes please, won’t you come and put it down on me. I’m right here, cos I need, a little love and sympathy. So baby show me good loving make it alright, I need a little sweetness in my life.” – Maroon 5, Sugar

And so for your viewing pleasure…

Hey, why not for the purpose of today, this week, this year, imagine your man singing these words to you…Mmm, Adam Levine… uh, I mean Mister Drew 😉

Sugar Sweet lovin’ baby


Discover more about Darren Hardy and listen to the full audio HERE (you’ll love it!)

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A Path Appears

A Path Appears

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A Path Appears – Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

“Our world is now a global village” – Desmond Tutu, A Path Appears

Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunnI love that quote because it reminds us that we are all connected.

Devastating events that take place on the other side of the world affect us, affect the whole world.

Perhaps not physically but we are human beings and we are programmed to feel.

We are designed to be touched, to be moved and to be affected by what we see and hear.

I was moved by this video so much that I knew I had to share it with you.

It’s definitely a message worth spreading.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalists Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn highlight some of the most severe cases of human oppression that takes place around the world in their latest documentary A Path Appears.

They are joined by actors and activists Malin Akerman, Mia Farrow, Ronan Farrow, Jennifer Garner, Regina Hall, Ashley Judd, Blake Lively, Eva Longoria, and Alfre Woodard.

Travelling throughout the United States, Colombia, Haiti and Kenya they uncover the harshest forms of oppression and human rights violations that are truly devastating.

They also offer up solutions that are being implemented to overcome these problems and ultimately provide the women featured in the film with hope.

It’s always worth remembering that we can overcome even the most devastating and spirit crushing events when we see or are shown a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Even if it’s just a flicker in the distance we should always consider it as a symbol of hope.

Its in the belief that things will get better and that our situation can change that gives us the strength to keep our chin up.

Whatever challenge you may be facing, and God knows I couldn’t imagine how painful it is for you, I hope you never lose the belief that you can survive and and you can thrive.

There is always tomorrow. You are stronger than you know.

The book A Path Appears was released September 2014. The documentary premiers January 2015 on PBS. (Not sure where/when it will appear on UK tele but I’m sure it will be available online at some point – keep your eyes peeled)

Please visit for more about A Path Appears

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One of my favourite quotes comes from Jim Rohn who often talked about the importance of self education.

He said the power of a good book should be considered in terms of “Bread for the head.”

Feeding our minds with nourishment rich food (information) is so important.

I believe what we read and watch, who we talk to and what we listen to can determine how we perceive the world.

Debbie DownerIt stands to reason that if you hang out with Debbie Downer and fellow Nay-sayers and chomp down on burger and fries every night you’ll have a very different view of life and the world to say someone who reads and listens to positive resources and starts their day with a green juice.

So, this page (when it’s ready) will be devoted to books, resources, tools and programs that help us to see things from a glass half full, the world is my oyster and a reach for the stars perspective.

More details coming soon …

In the meantime for your viewing pleasure and to whet your appetite for all the amazing goodies that will fill this page, here’s a trip down memory lane.

Jim Rohn teaches the principles of getting what you want.

I love what he says about, “making plans like an adult and believing in them like a child”

That’s a pretty cool philosophy.

Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments below.

It’s so retro – I love it!

So, are you asking the right questions?

Let’s make 2015 the year we arrive at the Beach of Success with a bucket, baby!

Love Nat x