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Pearl Grace ImaginationEvery night before Muffin goes to bed we read him a story.

We snuggle up under the blanket and prepare ourselves for story time.

Then we open the book and delve into a world of fantasy and make believe.

Muffin giggles and squirms as we put on different voices pretending to be the various characters.

He plays along with delight and points at the colourful illustrations of fairy princesses, brave knights, evil villains and magical creatures.

We often tickle him and he squeals with laughter.

We all enjoy story time but Muffin absolutely loves it!

The other night after putting Ealy to bed I found myself thinking about how fleeting these moments are.

The months feel like they are flying by at lightening speed. I can’t believe it’s April already!

Pearl Grace, Laughter, Imagination and Dreams

One day I’ll blink and my little man won’t be my little man anymore.

He won’t want me to read him a bedtime story or kiss him till his cheeks are red.

I remember thinking, how wonderful is has been creating these memories but it’s a shame it has to come to an end. Or does it?

The truth is story time never really ends. We just tell ourselves a different story.

Our grown up stories may not feature kings and queens living in enchanted castles but they are riddled with a heavy dose of hocus pocus excuses and fantastical justifications of epic proportions.

The stories I’m referring to are our own personal soliloquies. They’re the ones we often say to ourselves in private. They often fill us with doubt. They trap us into thinking that what we have is all that is possible. They tell us that we don’t deserve more and that we can’t achieve more. These stories delude us into believing that we cannot be more than what we already are.

These stories are the ones that we tell ourselves because we’re afraid of getting hurt by love.

These stories convince us that we’re not good enough to go for that promotion.

These stories tell us that we’re too old to challenge ourselves and that it’s too late to learn a new skill.

These stories convince us that carrying a few extra pounds isn’t that bad and that we’re not fat just a little chubby.

Quite frankly, these stories are a load of bull!

Let’s take a closer look. Do any of these little rascals make an appearance in your story?

I’m not pretty enough,
Or skinny enough,
I’m big-boned and will never be that thin,
I’m not wired that way,
People can’t change,
That’s not me,
I can’t be bothered,
All men cheat,
All the good ones are taken,
I had a tough childhood,
My parents made me this way,
I can’t afford it,
I’ll start tomorrow,
There’s not enough time,
I’m too old,
I’m too young,
No one gets me,
I don’t care,
I’m happy being single,
I’m not white enough,
I’m not cool enough,
I’m not smart enough,
I’m too busy,
I don’t have time,
I’ve got a bad back,
I’ve got asthma,
I’m just unlucky,
The gym is too far away,
I work long hours,
Healthy food is expensive,
I don’t like drinking water,
Life’s too short to do x, y, z
I’m fine with the way I am,
I’m OK, I like my life…

I’ve definitely used a few of them in the past and the craziest thing of all is that I started to believe they were true.

But they’re not.

Pearl Grace Story time,

They are fictitious tales that we deem as acceptable truths due to various reasons such as, but not limited to, our social conditioning, our cultural background, financial circumstances and our peer group.

It doesn’t matter how smart we are or how much common-sense we think we have, we’ve all fallen for our stories at some point or another.

We tell ourselves a few of these porky pies, share them with friends and gobble them up as hard fact.

Have you ever had a chat with someone who was full of excuses?

Just listening to them spew their “reasons” for not doing the thing that will ultimately make them happier, healthier and feel more alive, makes you wanna slap them or worse slap yourself for giving them the time of day!

The scariest thing of all is that sometimes these people tell such a good story that you start to believe them.

You know what they’re saying is a load of crap and yet you find yourself agreeing with them.

It’s crazy!

Perhaps we do it to seem amenable or perhaps the choice to disagree with them will prove to be more hassle than its worth.

But if we’re not careful, it’s incredibly easy to believe the cynics because they’re so convincing in their argument.

I have people in my life whose sole purpose on this planet is to tell people why what they’re doing is dumb, foolish, impossible and unnecessary.

It’s as if they’re on a personal crusade to steal dreams and kill joy.

You want to avoid these people at all cost.

If that’s not possible – as is the case with me – then aim to limit your interaction with them as much as possible.

I personally try my hardest not to hang out with these characters anymore – after all, I don’t want them in my story.

Then there are people who are inherently positive and look for the good in everyone and in every situation.

These folks are reading from a completely different book and it shows in how they live their lives.

Their tales have exciting plots, some challenging twists and turns, loyal and supportive friends and a positive and exciting outcomes.

Pearl Grace, Walt Disney on grown ups

These are the stories we should be listening to and telling ourselves. These are the stories we should share with others.

I’m hungry to hear stories from people who are full of passion and have a desire to be great and make a difference.

I’m always inspired when I hear stories of people defying the odds and over-coming adversity.

I love being around friends who love being with their partners and who speak positively about their relationships.

I appreciate being in the company of friends who love spending time with their kids.

I admire people who respect and honour their bodies by eating the right food and by exercising regularly.

I’m motivated by those who aspire to be the very best they can be and who are happy and grateful.

These are the stories that I love to hear and share and that’s what we promote here at PG.

We are passionate about sharing stories with you that bring sunshine in to your life.

We look to make your PG story time one of hope and full of all the possibilities available to you.

We search for ideas and tips to share with you so you can live the life you’ve always imagined.

We’re committed to helping people to create a story that represents their truth and live a meaningful life. That would be a bestseller for sure!

These are the stories that help to make the world and your precious world a better place.

Pearl Grace, Children and Imagination

Let’s not stop our children from dreaming up the “impossible” and imagining the “unreal”.

Instead let’s be inspired by them. After all that’s what makes them the best storytellers in the world.

We must celebrate their innate gift to be imaginative and never stifle their creativity.

I love this quote from Mohammad Ali. May it act as a gentle reminder to live a life full of imagination not void of it.

“The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

How incredible would our grown up world be if we were given permission to dream big and if we let our imaginations soar to unquestionable heights?

Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Guess what… it’s within our power to make it happen. We just have to tell ourselves a new story.

Here’s to your fresh start and a new page to write something spectacular!

Much Love,
Nat x

PG Q: What will your new story be?

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  1. Absolutely beautifully written! This is a great story for sure :) what a fantastic start to the day… Truly inspirational!! X

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