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Pearl Grace Life: Give what you want

Give what you want

Give what you want

Pearl Grace Life: Give what you wantI’ve got a question for you.

What’s the one thing you want most? And no, I’m talking about the latest Ferrari or pair of Louboutin heels.

As nice as they both sound, gifts of the material variety are not what I’m talking about today.

I’m asking you to consider what one thing you crave the most in your life right now.

Do you want more confidence? More courage? More love? More companionship? 

Do you desire more success? More meaning? More peace? More passion?

Go on, dig deep and ask yourself what you really want right now?

At the time of writing this post, I want more patience.

It feels as though my little boy has hit the quote-unquote “terrible-twos” a year and half late.

He is driving us absolutely crazy and right now what I want, and desperately need for my own sanity, is more patience.

Now, all my habitual yoga and meditative practices seem fine when I’m lying on my mat in the calm and peaceful dawn of twilight while the rest of the house is asleep.

But when the creek of Ealy’s bedroom door breaks the silence of my meditative state I know that soon enough all hell will break lose for then next 12 hours.

So, I’ve been thinking, how can I get better at dealing with my ‘incredibly-adorable-but-makes-me-want-to-pull-my-hair-out’ son?

And then I remembered something that I heard a couple of years ago from author and personal development, Darren Hardy, in his book The Compound Effect.

He said, “Whatever I want more of in life, I’ve found the best way to get it is to focus on giving it to others… The ripple effect of helping others and giving generously of your time and energy is that you become the biggest beneficiary of your personal philanthropy”. 

And all of a sudden, right then and there, I decided a shift in my behaviour was necessary.

If I wanted to have more patience throughout the day then I needed to focus my attention and energy on demonstrating it to others.

That meant, not getting in a strop at the Post Office because the clerk was taking longer than I would’ve liked with another customer.

That meant not looking at my watch when Drew started to tell me about his day.

That meant not yelling at Riley for stopping “too much” to smell the grass and play with other dogs while on the morning walk.

Pearl Grace Life: Give what you wantNo. Right then and there, I decided that in order for me to invite patience in to my life I had to demonstrate a patient attitude to everyone with whom I came into contact with.

By doing this, I found that it naturally filtered through into my interactions with the Little Master of the house.

Now, I’m not saying that it works every time – heck, I’m still dealing with an unpredictable 3-year old – but for the most part it really helps.

As we embark on the start of a new week and as we approach Valentine’s Day, I want to pass this philosophy over to you.

Ask yourself, what do I want more of? And then ask yourself, who can I give more of that same thing to?

If you lack confidence, think about who you can give more confidence to. If you want more success in your life, think of the people you can inspire and help to attain success in their own lives.

And yes, as Valentine’s Day creeps closer and closer, this question is very befitting; If you want more love, who can you give more love to?

And I’m talking about all forms of love; from intimate love to platonic love, from the love you show to your children to the love you show to a stranger.

I believe that when you give more love you open yourself up to receiving more of the same. And that same rule applies to everything else that you choose to share/give to others.

Now, before I go, I want to leave you with this final thought. Don’t forget to include yourself in the list of worthy recipients.

Show more love to yourself this week. Show yourself more kindness, more tenderness, more patience and more respect.

When you screw up – as we all do from time to time – say nice things to yourself, don’t beat yourself up. Tell yourself, you live to fight another day and will do better next time.

So, my darlings, go now, and give it a try. Then come back and tell me how it impacted your life.

Go give what you want.

Love Nat x

Discover more about Darren Hardy HERE.

Title image courtesy of www.breckcreate.org and content images from www.pinterest.com and quotesgram.com

Oh and in case you were wondering why I’ve chosen a Dirty Dancing pic for the title image. It’s because it’s full of many of the themes we’ve talked about here; love, courage, passion, self-esteem, bravery and the rest. Plus it’s hot ‘n’ steamy – ideal V-Day viewing x  

Pearl Grace Life: Anchors and engines

Anchors and Engines

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Anchors and Engines

Pearl Grace Life: Anchors and EnginesI’d like to share a story with you.

The other day I was with a friend and we got to talking about our hopes and dreams for next year.

As much as I love chatting about this stuff with you here on the blog, I often find myself quite guarded when asked about my dreams, never really knowing how much of myself to share or what parts of my dreams to throw out into the conversation.

So I listened to her and then I started talking about the blog and my passion for writing and sharing ideas with like-minded people etc.

The more I talked the less I felt like I wasn’t being listened to but rather judged.

Her look of, “what-do-you-know-about-helping-people” was glaringly obvious.

I then found myself trying to justify my intentions, “Well, you know, I’m an avid reader and love listening to self-improvement material and I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my life and relationships. I also love people and really want to share these tips and ideas with my amazing readers on the blog because I truly feel it can make a difference in their lives. And don’t we all deserve to be happy? The world needs happier people, right?… blah blah blah”

By the end of my bordering on D.D. sounding speech – desperate and depressing – I was quite literally Pearl Grace Life: Anchors and Enginessick of the sound of my own voice.

It was clear by the look on her face that her mind was already made up and  I was a fool to think I was anything special or that I could make a difference.

It sucked and later that night, I realised that not only did her silence and disapproving eyebrows leave me wanting to “explain” myself but it also left me doubting and second-guessing who I am and what I could achieve.

My buzz was killed. I mean well and truly annihilated and left on the battlefield where other hopes and dreams wither away and die at the hands of the big bad naysayers.

It would come as no surprise that I felt pretty shitty. Perhaps, she was right, “Who am I? What gives me the right to write and share my thoughts with the world? Holy crap, maybe she’s right!”

I’m sharing this story with you because if you’ve ever had something like that happen to you then I want you to know that you’re not alone. I feel you.

We all have people – it may even be our partners or family members – who love to be our “reality-check” when in actual fact I prefer to regard them as life’s kill-joys, buzz-zappers and dream-snatchers.

Tweet it out, peeps: “Don’t let someone else’s “no” resonate so loudly that it drowns out the inner “yes” beating in your heart. ” @PearlGraceLife

Pearl Grace Life: Anchors and EnginesIf you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve been made to question yourself. Or you’ve not gone after something that you really wanted because of another person’s limiting beliefs then I urge you not to listen them.

Instead do some ‘social decluttering’ – as in tell those said folks to take a flying jump – then prove them wrong, take action and be amazing.

A wise person once said, “You can’t hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life”. So, reviewing the people we hang around with –  including our friends and family – is massively important.

But another thing that’s equally important is to always be conscious of the kind of friend we are presenting to the world.

For example, How do you show up? Are you positive, supportive and inspiring to be around? Are you an awesome friend, dependable, loyal and loving? Are you everything that you would look for in those closest to you and what you hope people would say about you in your absence?

If not, why not?

As you know we get out of life what we put in. So, if you want your friends and family members to be incredible and meet you on a level that makes you feel happy to be around them then you need to exemplify those exact same qualities yourself.

Having said that we all know people who are stubborn, pig-headed, and down right sour-pusses and no amount of good cheer and positive vibes will change that.

No matter how much sunshine you bring to the party to brighten up their day, that grey gloomy cloud that holds permanent residency over their heads will remain in situ regardless of your good intentions. C’est la vie, baby.

But in all other cases, be the best person you possibly can be and try not to let negative outside influencers distract you or throw you off course from achieving all that you imagine possible in the world and for you.

As we wrap up, I would love to leave you with these wonderful words by model and Pearl Grace Life: Anchors and Enginesbusiness mogul, Kathy Ireland in an interview she gave for Success Magazine:

“Do you surround yourself with anchors or engines? In life there are engines that propel us forward, believe in us and are supportive. And then there are the anchors who weigh everything down. It’s important to stop and think are you surrounding yourself with anchors or engines. Are you an anchor or an engine?”

I love her take on this and think it’s something we can all consider as we move forward towards building, re-building (as the case may be) and strengthening our relationships with friends and loved ones.

And you know what, if you’ve ever been in a situation when someone has been an asshole, – sorry, I mean an anchor – then perhaps its worth firing up your own engine so you can propel yourself in the direction of your heart’s desire.

Never forget that everything you need to succeed and to be your happiest possible self lies within you; what you learn, achieve and the people you meet along the way are your beautiful bonuses.

What you waiting for, go “whip your hair” and be incredible,

All my love,

Nat x

PGQ: How do you push past negativity and the naysayers? Share your tips in the comments below.

For more on Kathy Ireland head over to her site.

Pearl Grace Life, Nat's dog Riley

How dog are you?

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How dog are you?

Pearl Grace Life, Nat's dog RileyI was gonna write, how Dawg are you? Thinking it would be funny and cute to get all Southern with it but then thought better of it. (Just sharing an idea I was toying with – oh well!)

Any-whoo, back to the post, which might I add, is a super-hot gem of an idea that I’m crazy psyched to pass forward to you!

So, here’s the question: How dog are you?

And, no it’s not about listing your favourite breads – I can hear some of you now… Mmm, well I really love schnauzers, oh and beagles are cute and ah, I adore little yorkshire terriers!

Nope, as fun as that might be to all you dog lovers out there, that’s not what this post is about.

So, let’s dive right in!

Puppy love

As you know we have a 6 year old yellow lab called Riley.

From the day we brought him home at 8 weeks old he has been an absolute sweetheart.

Every morning without fail he greets us with a smile – yep, he smiles. He showers us with so much love, in the form of slobbery kisses and cuddles, that you’d think we’d been away for a month.

He reacts the same when we go out for the day or whenever someone comes over to visit.

He shows us (and everyone he meets) unconditional love no matter what and without fail.

He never tires of expressing his affection and after 6 years he’s as bouncy and as loving as ever.

Tweet it out peeps:Tweet: Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its troubles it just empties today of it’s strength @PearlGraceLife

Puppy past time paradise

The other day, Riley and I were walking in the woods and we were approached by a dog who a couple of weeks earlier showed signs of being dominant, over-zealous and boisterous with Riley.

I recognised the dog and was tempted to take a quick detour along another path when my plan was vetoed by Mister Riley who bounded up to the dog playfully wagging his tail.

I had no choice but to follow. And although I was aware that I felt some anxiety in the pit of my stomach I couldn’t help but notice that Riley seemed absolutely fine. He was actually really happy and calm and so was the other dog.

Eventually the nervous sensation I was experiencing passed and I found joy in watching to two dogs playing.

For the rest of the walk I couldn’t help but wonder about the characteristics of dogs and how forgiving they are.

Riley didn’t care about the previous encounter with the dog – he probably didn’t even remember it. All he cared about was playing with the dog in that moment.

And this is how he lives his life on a daily basis. He lives in the moment.

Quite frankly, he doesn’t care if I’m tired, stressed, unwell or upset, he greets me with an abundance of love every single day – no matter what.

He doesn’t stress about yesterday or worry about tomorrow. All he cares about is the present – the joys and happy things that are occurring in his life right now.

Some puppy pearls of wisdom…

So, you might be thinking, what’s this got to do with me? How does this help me live a more happy and inspired life?

Au contraire… the truth is it does but only if we’re brave enough to embrace some dog-like attributes. 

If we lived life more in the present – no longer stressing about the past or being fearful of the future – we could be happier.

If we chose to let go of our grudges and forgive those who have wronged us we would feel more at peace.

A contented spirit and a calm mind enables us to apply ourselves to more challenges, engage in more enriching and positive thoughts, which in turn lead to opportunities of enlightenment and inspiration.

And, here’s the ultimate doggy trait we should all try to master. If we gave ourselves permission to love those around us without prejudice, without conditions and without boundaries every single day, like Riley does – wow-  how much of a difference do you think that could make in your life?

I’m guessing some pretty incredible shizzle could unfurl for you.

And it’s not that hard to do – we can all do this. Riley’s life isn’t complicated. Quite the opposite in fact. A dog’s needs are really simple, as the video explains.

However it’s human nature to over complicate things when in actual fact life needn’t be as complex as we often make it out to be.

It takes more effort and drains more energy from us when we are angry, resentful and unforgiving.

Whats more, the universe spins in the wrong direction for us when we act in a way that is not conducive to having a kind and loving heart.

So, in reality we are doing ourselves more harm than good.

Dogs instinctively know this and that is why they are a terrific example of how to live and thrive.

So, I propose you give it a try for one week and see how much of a difference it makes in your life.

Approach everyone and everything you do with full-hearteded appreciation and commitment.

Remain aware of your intentions and if you feel yourself slipping into a human-like trait of judging and condemning then snap out of it and let your inner dog out to play.

Now, I would absolutely love to hear from you on this.

1. What dog-like trait do you think you could start to implement in your life right now and why do you think it could help you improve, either personally and professionally?

Quick PG Note: If you are a dog owner or dog lover then please CLICK HERE to see a great video. It’s fun and informative. But most of all, it’s full of useful tips and tools to help you become a calm and assertive pack leader. And even if you don’t have a four-legged companion in your life then still watch the video because there are some great principles and philosophies about life that we all can benefit from.

If you liked this post or know someone who struggles with any of the issues raised then please share it and spread this message. It could make a real difference in their life.

Thanks so much for reading,

All my love
Nat x

For more on Cesar Millan check out his website HERE.

Find out more about Mister Riley HERE.

Title and content images courtesy of Nat Millie.

Pearl Grace Life, love.


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Pearl Grace Life. LoveI love this. I saw this video and simply had to share it with you guys.

Not only did it make me smile from start to finish but it really touched me. I felt happy for the rest of the day.

It’s about love. It’s about universal, unbiased, whole-hearted and true love. It’s beautiful.

I know we live in a world where many of us are trapped by dogma – either our own or by the opinions of those around us – but at the end of the day the one thing that we can all relate to, understand and feel an affiliation with, is love.

I know it’s a cliché to say this but love is incredibly powerful.

I believe that in conjunction with education (self-education in particular), love is our strongest and kindest weapon in the fight against injustice, war, famine, disease, poverty, discrimination and the rest.

In our ability and willingness to love each other without judgement we open ourselves up to feeling and expressing compassion and empathy. As a result we are often left with a desire to connect, help and support each other.

I hope the video makes you feel happy today. I hope it makes you smile. I hope it makes you love harder, stronger and more deeply.

If there has ever been a ‘block’ in your heart to love everyone equally then I hope this video prompts a heart shift, even if it’s only small.

I believe that we are all born with love in our hearts. It’s ours from day one and in that moment it’s pure, unaffected and unspoiled. It’s the one thing that every baby has in common.

And I believe that the same innocent spot that we had in our hearts as wee little ones is still there today.

I love videos like this because they remind me to tap into that special non-judgmental place. To welcome diversity and to invite into my heart a sense of oneness. I think Bob said it best…

As the video above shows love doesn’t discriminate it only connects, heals, strengthens and blossoms. It blossoms into something even more wonderful… and that is more love, more abundance, more joy, more meaning, more peace.

Here’s to your abundance. All my love,
Nat x

How did this video make you feel? Please share in the comments below. 

Title image courtesy of www.kinwomen.com and content image courtesy of addictedtoradio.com

Pearl Grace Life You are good enough

You are good enough

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You are good enough

Pearl Grace Life You are good enoughIf you’ve ever questioned whether you are good enough then today’s post is for you.

If you’ve ever thought, I’m not worthy of_____________(fill in the blank) then don’t beat yourself up. Just know that you are worthy and you’re not alone.

The truth is many of us tell ourselves that we’re not deserving of love, success, happiness, money, friendship, peace, and the rest.

But as I talk about in the post Story time these are the stories we tell ourselves because in many instances we are afraid of what will happen if we reach out and actually attain that promotion, that relationship, that new skill that can transform the quality and trajectory of our lives, that physique we’ve always wanted and the career we’ve only ever dreamed about.

It’s therefore easier for us to remain in a place that is comfortable instead of challenging ourselves to achieve what is scary and uncertain.

Even if we’re not entirely happy with our current situation many of us will stay in the same place because it is what we’ve always known; it’s comfortable and it’s familiar. (For more on this check out the post Story time HERE).

But today, I’m asking you to doubt yourself, to question yourself and to feel slightly insecure.

I’m asking you to tap into the thing that makes you feel vulnerable.

Wait a sec, I know what you’re thinking, What, the frick! I came to your blog to feel happy and inspired, man, what the hell is this shizzle?

Well, here’s the thing, realising that you’re human, imperfect, and vulnerable is an important exercise on the path to really finding, or as the case may be increasing your level of joy and happiness.

It’s OK to have moments of self doubt. In fact they’re gonna happen whether you want them to or not. But when they do you should acknowledge how you feel in that moment- and own it.

Say to yourself, “Mmm. ok, I’m not feeling happy about myself right now… I’m feeling a little self-conscious, uncomfortable, ashamed, embarrassed, (whatever.)” Then say, “Ok. let me sit with these feelings for a sec.”

Don’t brush your emotions to one side or under the metaphorical rug. Don’t deny those feelings exist. Accept them because they are a part of you.

You can’t go through life loving and celebrating only the great parts of your character but shunning the parts that you don’t like. No can do, baby.

As the video explains, vulnerability is a powerful tool.

When we open ourselves up to being vulnerable  we also open ourselves up to receiving joy, love, happiness and more meaningful and deeper connections with the people around us.

We all have light and dark sides to our personality – they are what completes us. Being truly happy is about being honest with yourself about who you really are.

It may sound harsh to say this but you’re not perfect and neither am I. Yet despite this glorious fact we are still good enough.

You are good enough to be, do and achieve everything your heart conjures up and whatever your mind plots to achieve.

You are worthy of all the happiness in the world NOT because you are perfect and do all the right things – but just because you are NOT perfect but deserve them anyway.

And if you are passionate, ambitious, dedicated, kind, compassionate, generous and a student of life then you are well on your way to actualising whatever your mind can conceive. The world truly is your oyster.

Let me share this with you…

When I first became a mum, I was scared. Scratch that, I was PETRIFIED!!

I was terrified because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. And when I finally thought I had it sussed Ealy would go through a new phase that left me stumped again.

I was constantly wondering if my mum would be proud of me and if she would support the decisions I was making as a parent. (Confession: this is still a hard one for me to get over – it’s a work in progress.)

I was scared that I didn’t have all the answers, that I was really bad at geography and still counted on my fingers.

Being Ealy’s mum was – and still is – one of the biggest and scariest challenges I’ve ever had to face.

But it was made all the harder because I wanted to be the “perfect mummy” or at least I wanted to be as close to perfect as possible.

Now, logic and life had taught me that “perfection” didn’t exist but nonetheless I still struggled with this feeling that I wasn’t good enough.

Then over time, I found myself again. My old self. My pre-mum self. That person that was up for a laugh, ridiculous fun and who danced around the house like a lunatic.

She began to reappear and man, was I happy to see her again.

I realised in that moment that the best mummy- not the perfect mummy – but the best mummy Ealy could ever have was me.

With all my quirks, flaws, imperfections and rough edges, I was still the best mummy he could ask for because all he needed from me was love… and that was something I had in abundance and I never doubted my ability to shower him with it.

So, I think being happy is a state of mind and heart. Understanding that you are worthy of everything you have in life right now – the good and the not so good – is important if you want to find inner peace and joy.

You aren’t perfect – you never will be – and thank the lucky stars for that.

You will only ever be the best YOU that you can be in that moment.

Sometimes you’ll soar and sometimes you’ll suck.

But in those sucky times you’re still as fabulous, as splendid, as marvellous and as wonderful as you could possibly hope to be.

Believing in your heart that you are worthy of all the great things that life has to offer regardless of your shortcomings is the way to live.

You are MORE than good enough. I know it.

All my love,
Nat x

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” – Brené Brown (Researcher & Storyteller)

Discover more about Brené Brown HERE Images courtesy of  http://brenebrown.com

Pearl Grace Sugar Sweet

Sugar Sweet

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Sugar Sweet

Pearl Grace Life Show me yoursOk, this one’s for the girls, although fellas you’ll appreciate it too. In fact I’ll go as far as to say you will love it.

Before we dive right in, you’ll find a link to the audio post that inspired me to write today’s post at the end.

But for now here’s the general gist…

According to Darren Hardy – who by the way is an incredible guy, author, speaker and publisher of Success Magazine – what a man really wants isn’t what we ladies have always thought. You know, food, sex and refuge. Nope, that’s not what he wants.

Here’s Darren’s take:

He wants to be your hero. He wants to impress you. He wants your praise.
ALL we want… more than anything or from anyone… is to hear praise from our woman, to be impressive to her, to be HER hero.

He goes on to say,

Tell your man he is your hero. Be his biggest fan and cheerleader. Make him feel that he is impressive to you. Don’t let others praise and appreciate him more than you do. Continually praise, appreciate and pat him on the head and he will be your best friend and loyal companion forever.

Ok. Girls what do you make of that? 

You gotta listen to the whole thing to reap the full benefit of what he says but when I first heard this perspective I couldn’t stop laughing.

Not because I disagreed but because I felt like this guy had rumbled me and the jig was up!

I’ve been guilty of doing exactly what Darren talks about – holding back the praise because I didn’t think Drew needed it.

Let me be real for a sec. I know my man, and as much as I love him, I often hold back on showering him with sugar sweetness because I think he’s pretty good at stroking his own ego. (I mean that in the most loving of way of course).

But as Darren says so brilliantly, that’s beside the point and totally the wrong way to look at it.

If the only true thing your man is craving on a daily basis is your adulation, your praise and your eternal love then why not just give it to him?

I forwarded the message to Drew much to his delight and he was singing Darren Hardy’s praises for the rest of day! (It was very annoying.)

The truth is it takes nothing for me to tell Drew that I think he’s awesome, that he killed it on a brief (if he did) and that he looked amazing the other night he went out…  you know, girls, all the sugar sweet things that we love to hear our fellas say to us.

And guess what? It works both ways. If we give our men the reverence they so fervently desire then they’ll most likely do the same for us. Win-Win baby!

And to drill home the point further, I’ve been rinsing Maroon 5 on my iPhone this week; while out walking Riley, while strolling through the supermarket, whilst doing the laundry and cooking dinner and the lyrics to their song Sugar is not just wickedly awesome but it  reaffirms Darren’s thoughts on a man’s true needs. Making it a fabulous song for today’s post.

“Sugar, yes please, won’t you come and put it down on me. I’m right here, cos I need, a little love and sympathy. So baby show me good loving make it alright, I need a little sweetness in my life.” – Maroon 5, Sugar

And so for your viewing pleasure…

Hey, why not for the purpose of today, this week, this year, imagine your man singing these words to you…Mmm, Adam Levine… uh, I mean Mister Drew 😉

Sugar Sweet lovin’ baby


Discover more about Darren Hardy and listen to the full audio HERE (you’ll love it!)

Title image courtesy of www.huffingtonpost.com

Content image courtesy of bebrightblog.com

Pearl Grace Life Thanks

Happy tears

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Happy tears

think of you Pearl Grace LifeI cried the other day when I watched this video.

I confess they were happy tears but I felt so moved by this sweet video that I couldn’t hold them back.

For so many reasons the topic and content really resonated with me.

I wanted to share it in hope that it may do the same for you.

After I watched it I was left thinking about the people in my life that I’m eternally grateful for.

The people who have shown me relentless support, backed me in every endeavour, been my biggest champions and who have always been there when I needed them.

Can you think of people like that in your life? – I’m sure you agree that those individuals are pretty special.

By the end of the video I was inspired to take action.

It was time to take my feelings of gratitude to the next level.

Last weekend my brother and his girlfriend came to stay.

This provided me with the perfect opportunity to express my gratitude.

I love my brother. We’ve been through a lot together and although we’ve not always agreed, I’ve always known that our bond was unbreakable.

We’re closer today than we ever have been and our relationship goes from strength to strength.

He’s an incredible person and means so much to me. So, I decided to tell him precisely that when he stayed over.

He was touched and so was I by his reaction. Together we all had a beautiful weekend; great food, drink, fresh air, conversation. That weekend we created some happy and lasting memories.

But I wasn’t done.

As the weekend came to an end I turned my grateful eye to Drew.

We say we love each other all the time and as lovely as that may sound, we do run the risk of saying it so much that the words lose their meaning.

So, I decided to write him a card outlining the reasons why he’s so special to me.

Granted we do this in cards to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries but this time there was nothing specific in the calendar and no event that the rest of the world we’re participating in.

Because there was ‘no official’ reason to writing such a card, it surprised him.

He said it meant so much. It now sits proudly on his bedside table so he can see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

I didn’t realise how much expressing my level of love and gratitude for other people would affect me.

It’s been incredible.

I’ve felt in a really good mood since. Happier, if that’s possible. It’s hard to explain…

All I can suggest is that you give it a try yourself and see the benefits work for you and those you love.

One final point…

Here’s the thing, we all think beautiful and magnificent things about other people (or at least we should) but rarely do we tell them.

Chances are those people that you adore and think the world of have no idea how you truly feel and the difference that they’ve made to your life.

Tell them why you value them so much. Tell them how much they’ve influenced you. And how special they are to you.

It might feel a little uncomfortable at first – even if you’ve known that person for your entire life – but you’ll start to feel better when you really get into it.

You may feel nervous and tempted to hold back a little but try not to. Allow your anxieties to dissipate and open up your heart.

And here’s the cherry sweet bit in all of this… What you give to others you get in return.

The goodness you put out into the world will find its way back to you but you have to start by giving.

As Jim Rohn said, “Giving starts the receiving process”.

Trust me, the love will boomerang back to you because that’s the nature of the universe.

I know if you’re reading this then you’re a happy and loving soul so doing this will be in alignment with everything you stand for and hold dear.

Just remember, you’ve gotta show love and express gratitude from a sincere and genuine heart felt place.

No flattery, ok. Mean what you say and say how you truly feel.

Go all out and express yourself fully. Feel it to the point of happy tears.

So, why not pick up the phone and make that call? It might be the best chat you ever have.

Who are you grateful for and why?

Please share with us in the comments below.


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Scrubs Love


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Love: The gift of choice this Valentine’s Day

JD and Turk LoveLove is in the air. Can you feel it? 

The day of love is fast approaching.

I know its the day we’re supposed to shower our beloved with gestures and tokens of affection.

Now don’t get me wrong, I welcome little boxes of chocolates, bouquets of  flowers and sentimental gifts like every other lady on the planet.

But if we strip away the commercialism and clever marketing that sells us on the idea that February 14th is in someway more special than any other day in the year, then we have to admit to a certain degree that Valentine’s Day is mostly hype – albeit fun and O.T.T but hype all the same.

Now, I’m not hating on Valentine’s Day. In fact I love it.

It presents us with a wonderful opportunity to be playful, silly and over the top.

Some childish fun can provide us with a welcome break from the adult trappings of our daily lives.

I say, indulge in all the alluring Valentine’s Day pleasures available to you. After all it’s only for one day.

But the truth is your main squeeze should know you love them 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Regardless of all the teddy bears, balloons, presents, frolics and fanfare your feelings should be clear.

So, I was thinking the other day…

What if we looked at Valentine’s Day from a different perspective.

What if this year we used it as an opportunity to celebrate all kinds of love?

Check out Turk and JD in Scrubs expressing their “Guy Love” in a truly awesome way!

Here’s the thing.

February 14th rolls by and we tend to focus the majority of our attention on our intimate relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with that – in fact it’s lovely.

But love is love – romantic love and platonic love. It’s all beautiful.

So what if we extend our focus this Valentine’s Day…

What if we expressed our love to more than just the person with whom we share our bed with?

How memorable would that Valentine’s Day be?

For example, if you knew someone spending the day on their own. You could send them a little message of love or invite them round for a bite to eat or a cup of tea…

How wonderful would that be?

Not only would it brighten up their day but it will surely fill you with a feeling of true abundance.

I can practically guarantee it.

And what’s more, the impact of such a gesture is likely to last a lot longer than anything you could buy.

The person on the receiving end would never forget how you made them feel and that’s definitely a gift worth giving. Worth sharing.

LOVE. Give it to as many people as you can this Valentine’s Day

So, how can you demonstrate love in a more meaningful way this Valentine’s Day?

Love Nat x


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Start over

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Start over

I love this time of year.

I love that I get to spend it with the people and pets I love the most.

Pearl Grace Start overI get to eat yummy food and laze around in my PJ’s for a few days safe in the knowledge that pretty much the rest of the world is doing the exact same thing. (Or at least I hope I’m not the only one)

It’s also a fantastic time to reflect and review on the year just past and plan and prepare for the year to come.

This time of year always fills me with a sense of hope and excitement. The start of the New Year is an exciting prospect because we all get the chance to start over.

We’re all given a proverbial fresh page on which to inscribe the next chapter of our lives and this has always buzzed me out to no end. Seriously, I get so psyched about this idea.

No matter how hard the previous year might have been – and I know many of us have endured hardships this year – it’s well worth remembering that the start of a New Year is the Universe’s way of allowing us to start over.

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Pearl Grace Blog Help


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Do you find it hard to ask for help?

Pearl Grace Blog HelpThe Beatles famously said, “Help! I need somebody, Help! Not just anybody. Help, you know I need someone, help!” (I know you were singing, don’t try to deny it!)

God knows there have been times when these words felt like a fitting soundtrack to my life.

We’ve all been there. Sometimes we go through difficult times that bring us to our knees figuratively and perhaps even literally.

Life is like an obstacle course so we better prepare ourselves for some scraped knees and bruised bums along the way.

However it’s always easier to face those blasted Monkey Bars and overcome the obstacles in the playground of life with a wonderful team of supporters on the sidelines cheering us on.

The thing is those loyal fans wouldn’t be there if we didn’t ask for their support.

In fact that’s what asking for help is. It’s realising that you can’t do something on your own and asking for a helping hand.

So, in understanding this simple theory, why do so many of us find it so hard to ask for help?

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Pearl Grace Blog Family

Family – Avoid the Fight

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Family – Avoid the fight

Pearl Grace Blog, FamilySometimes relationships with our family members can feel like hard work.

You feel like you give and give and give and receive very little in return.

Sometimes you fight, fall out and stop speaking all together. This isn’t great. It’s not ideal and is far from desirable.

The relationship can become so strained that you begin to wonder if things will ever be blissful again.

We fight The Good Fight with our family because ultimately we love them but disharmony with our partners, parents, siblings and children can be painful and destructive when problems are unresolved.

We want to believe that our nearest and dearest are kind and good people and just because they wind us up doesn’t mean they’re not.

But there are times when members of our tribe say and do things that jar us, annoy us and quite frankly piss us off royally.

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Dancing shoes


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Have you ever wondered what your true calling was or why you were put on the planet?

If this is an easy question for you to answer then awesome!

But if you’ve ever struggled to answer this or if your answer is a little more complex then guess what that’s awesome too!

Pearl Grace blog, passionIf you’re a creative multifaceted spirit with many passions then I think it’s worth knowing that it’s perfectly “normal” to love many things because passion is changeable.

You can love one thing one minute and another thing the next.

You can love doing one thing your entire life or love many different things throughout your journey.

Now, I wish I knew this when I was younger because my journey to finding my purpose in life would’ve been so much easier.

Here’s the thing, no matter how many vision boards you create or self-help books you read or inspirational programs you sign up to you will never find your passion until you look within yourself and hone in on the things that you love.

Let me elaborate.

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Pearl Grace Story Time Blog

Story Time

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Pearl Grace ImaginationEvery night before Muffin goes to bed we read him a story.

We snuggle up under the blanket and prepare ourselves for story time.

Then we open the book and delve into a world of fantasy and make believe.

Muffin giggles and squirms as we put on different voices pretending to be the various characters.

He plays along with delight and points at the colourful illustrations of fairy princesses, brave knights, evil villains and magical creatures.

We often tickle him and he squeals with laughter.

We all enjoy story time but Muffin absolutely loves it!

The other night after putting Ealy to bed I found myself thinking about how fleeting these moments are.

The months feel like they are flying by at lightening speed. I can’t believe it’s April already!

Pearl Grace, Laughter, Imagination and Dreams

One day I’ll blink and my little man won’t be my little man anymore.

He won’t want me to read him a bedtime story or kiss him till his cheeks are red.

I remember thinking, how wonderful is has been creating these memories but it’s a shame it has to come to an end. Or does it?

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G spot PG Blog

G spot

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G spot

I’d like to share something personal with you and talk about that special place.

That place you discover more as you get older.

You touch it when you start to explore the deeper parts of your being.

This place, when you hit it right, makes you feel absolutely incredible.

When you’re finished you feel warm inside and rejuvenated.

Sometimes there’s an ecstatic rush of adrenaline and deep satisfaction afterwards.

I personally like to do it every morning in the shower.

Occasionally Millie will do it with me.

It leaves us both feeling amazing – like we’re on top of the world.

You know what I’m talking about, right?… Yep! The G word… Gratitude. Why, what did you think I was talking about? (Cheeky)

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Pearl Grace Blog Cardinal Sin

Cardinal Sin

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Cardinal Sin

I recently had a chat with a friend that I’d like to share with you.

She’s in the process of setting up her own company so I tend to check in with her on a weekly basis to see how she’s getting on.

She told me that she recently carried out a cardinal sin causing her to feel uninspired and lacking the motivation to achieve her goals for that week.

What was this cardinal sin, you ask?

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Nat and Drew Anniversary

10 years baby

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10 years baby

It was our 10th birthday this past week!  Needless to say, I was super excited about it and was all gushy and hyped about the fact that we’d reached this wonderful milestone in our relationship. So you can imagine my surprise when Millie was, uh, shall I say, a little less syked. I thought I’d share how the chat unfolded…

p.s. I absolutely love the passage from Maya Angelou that you’ll find at the end. Discover more about this extraordinary woman on her website

Love Nat x
Live to the fullest, Love completely and Shop with passion

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Ealy Milligan

PG family

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Meet The PG Family

Master of the House

Ealy Milligan






“Yeah, that’s right people, I run the show.”

Name: Ealy

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