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Worry or wise up

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Worry or wise up

Tell me, do you ever find yourself worrying about something that you have absolutely no control over?

I do.

Do you ever stress about the opinions of other people?

I’ve been guilty of this too.

The truth is it’s only natural for us to worry about things we can’t control and to stress about the opinions of others, which is again something we cannot control.

The comforting thing is there are a couple of easy ways to combat this so that being worried no longer preoccupies your time.

This is something I’ve found to work really well, especially recently when I found myself stressed out when Ealy started nursery.

I used to worry from the moment he left to the moment he returned home.

In the free hours that I had to work, exercise, plan and prepare for the day and forthcoming week, I would be distracted by my worrying thoughts about his safety, his well-being, whether he was happy or if he ate enough during the day.

Throughout the day I would worry about one of these things at least half a dozen times so much so that often I’d reach the end of the day and had barely applied myself long enough or with enough focus to achieve anything substantial.

Quite frankly, I was a pathetic mess.

So when, I discovered this beautiful concept I decided to start applying this simple strategy and it has result in a calmer and a more productive Nat all round.

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Wise up or worry

Here’s the thing, we only really have to choices in life when it comes to this.

We can either worry or not worry. That’s it.

But I think it’s super cool to believe in a force bigger than yourself.

That force might be God, the universe, lucky stars, crystals, fairies, whatever. But something that makes you feel like you belong to something bigger than lil’ ol’ you.

You have to believe that this larger entity has your back. That it’s cheering you on. Wants you to rock it out in an awesome way and is conspiring to work in your favour.

Here’s how I see it..

I’m just a little gem in this crazy and fabulous world. In believing whole-heartedly that Mother Earth will handle my worries and cares far better than I can allows me to operate in a place of faith, which is in itself quite a beautiful thing.

Now, when I say faith I don’t just mean of the religious kind although that’s absolutely fine if that’s your thing.

I mean faith in the more generic sense of the word, as in having complete confidence that this larger force will carry my cares for me so I don’t have to.

I think prayer and meditation is a great way to free up your worry.

Remove the stress of worrying from your being and give it to whoever or whatever you believe brings you good luck and good fortune.

Trust fully in whatever you believe in to take care of the problem so that you no longer have to carry the weight of the burden on your shoulders, in your heart or in your head anymore.

So, for me, whenever one of those worrying thoughts about Ealy being at nursery starts to present itself I send out a little prayer. I do this immediately and it takes less than 5 secs.

The moment I think, “I hope Ealy is happy, unhurt and content” I close my eyes send it out as a message to the the big blue sky and whisper something like, “Hey, M.E (aka Mother Earth), watch over Ealy today, keep him safe, fill him with joy and happiness.” Then open my eyes, smile and carry on with whatever I’m doing. That’s it.

I don’t worry. Instead I send my wish out into the world. And carry on living reassured in the faith that Mother E will do everything she can to fulfil my wish.

I know this might sound a little whacky but it works if you have faith in something bigger than yourself and if you understand that worrying alone will not change the situation or create a certain outcome. So, why bother do it.

Worrying is futile. When it comes down to it, you have one of two choices: you can either worry or wise up. You can’t really do both.

Now, if the idea of praying gives you an uncomfortable feeling then reframe it and call it something you are more comfortable with like a love request or a wishful blessing.

Something that doesn’t unsettle you but still enables you to let go of the worrying woes so you can and live, love and laugh in the NOW.

Here’s to a worry-free weekend.

Lots of love
Nat x

Fill me in… Do you find you ever worry about things you cannot change? Do you ever worry and pray simultaneously (not such an uncommon thing)? But let me know in the comments below.

Wise words to consider from Miss Taylor Swift about negative people and vibes. But I think the same idea can be applied to your worries – just shake it off, baby!

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