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Pearl Grace Life, How to sleep better

How to sleep better

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How to sleep better: Tips for getting a better night’s sleep

Pearl Grace Life, How to sleep betterHey beautiful people,

If you haven’t already checked out my post on sleeping your way to the top then hop on over to it here.

This post provides some tips on how to sleep better and feel rested and rejuvenated:

1. Eat a light dinner up to 2 hours before lights out.
A light but still nutritious meal is easier for the body to breakdown and digest. You won’t feel full and uncomfortable when bedtime rolls up, instead you’ll feel content and satiated and ready to sleep.

2. Exercise daily even if you can only a 30 minute brisk walk. Do it early in the day. You’ll feel pumped and energised afterwards which will put you on the right path for the rest of the day. Come bedtime you should feel tired and ready to hit the sack.

3. Air your room 30 minutes before you crawl between the sheets. A cool room has been proven to create a more restful sleep.

4. 10-15 minutes of quiet mindfulness, meditation and deep breathing before you sleep.
This calms the mind and relaxes the body – a good state for you to be in for you drift off.

5. Invest in good quality mattress and pillows and clean your bedding regularly.
So many people sleep on poor quality mattress and on pillows that don’t support the head and neck. In all honesty one of the best places to sleep is on the floor because its hard and level.

But if the floor ain’t your thing then a firm mattress that promotes breathability is ideal.

Also, find a pillow that provides comfort and support or do away with it altogether. I know it might sound strange but sleeping without a pillow and allowing your body to lie in complete alignment is better for your muscles, circulation and oxygen flow . But I guess that depends on whether you prefer to sleep on your back, front or sides.

If you suffer with neck or back pain then get professional advice before making a purchase.

6. Burning essential oils in your home. You don’t have to burn them in your bedroom in case you find them too overpowering but a fragrance like lavender has been proven to calm the mind and aid relaxation.

7. Darken the room with binds and/or curtains and use an eye mask if your room is still quite bright.

If you live on a busy road consider using ear plugs to drown out some of the outside noise or opt for a “white noise” appliance, which might help.

8. Reading has been proven to relax the brain and body. Read whatever you fancy but here’s a little tip that has worked for me, read a few pages of something  happy, positive or inspiring. You’ll still get tired but reading something like that will trigger the reactors in the brain so it can conjure up fantastic ideas throughout the night while you sleep.

9. Wear lose fitting clothes in bed or better yet sleep in your birthday suit. Let it all hang out, baby! Give your skin opportunity to breathe.

10. Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine as much as 5 hours before bedtime.

11. When you’re tired, sleep.
I know this sounds obvious but yet so many of us, myself included, don’t do it.
Don’t fight it. In fact a lot of companies won’t mind if you grab 20 minutes of shut eye in your lunch break because napping is known to increase alertness and productivity.

And when it comes to bedtime only go to bed you feel tired.

There are few things in life more frustrating than tossing and turning yourself to sleep so resist putting yourself through this ordeal.

If you find yourself staring at the ceiling after 20 minutes then get up, go into another room, read a book or do some relaxation exercises until you begin to tire.

12. Avoid visual stimulation up to an hour before you get into bed.
I know this is difficult in the hyper-connected, always switched on world that we live in but this means no TV, not laptops, no iPhones, no iPads etc.

Try to keep your bedroom a Devise-Free-Zone. Don’t worry, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will still be there in the morning.

13. No heavy chit-chat before bed.
Bedtime is not the right time to talk about emotional topics.
Do it at some other time of day. If your partner wants to engage in a heated discussion when your in your jim-jams then suggest you discuss it the following day.

14. If switching your brain off is a struggle then take up journalling or get in the habit of writing down what’s on your mind before you get into bed. That way you clear your mind of the worry and prepare it for relaxation instead.

15. Avoid drinking too much liquids before bed.
The theory behind this is to prevent you from waking up in the night to go to the loo.
Now, this is an interesting one because if you’re like me and falling back to sleep after a trip to the loo is easy then I wouldn’t worry too much about this point.
However if you struggle to get back to sleep then give it a try.

Got any sleep better tips of your own?  Please tell us in the comments below.

Till next time, sweet dreams x


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One of my favourite quotes comes from Jim Rohn who often talked about the importance of self education.

He said the power of a good book should be considered in terms of “Bread for the head.”

Feeding our minds with nourishment rich food (information) is so important.

I believe what we read and watch, who we talk to and what we listen to can determine how we perceive the world.

Debbie DownerIt stands to reason that if you hang out with Debbie Downer and fellow Nay-sayers and chomp down on burger and fries every night you’ll have a very different view of life and the world to say someone who reads and listens to positive resources and starts their day with a green juice.

So, this page (when it’s ready) will be devoted to books, resources, tools and programs that help us to see things from a glass half full, the world is my oyster and a reach for the stars perspective.

More details coming soon …

In the meantime for your viewing pleasure and to whet your appetite for all the amazing goodies that will fill this page, here’s a trip down memory lane.

Jim Rohn teaches the principles of getting what you want.

I love what he says about, “making plans like an adult and believing in them like a child”

That’s a pretty cool philosophy.

Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments below.

It’s so retro – I love it!

So, are you asking the right questions?

Let’s make 2015 the year we arrive at the Beach of Success with a bucket, baby!

Love Nat x

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How important is money to you?

Pearl Grace Blog MoneyMoney is a tetchy subject. Some people think it’s rude to talk about it while others can’t stop talking about it.

Regardless of how you feel about it money is a juicy topic because it stirs up a different sensation in all of us.

Before we delve into this a little deeper I wanted to share a story with you that I think beautifully exemplifies this idea of money and its value.

I had a chat with our carpenter the other day. What he said made me reconsider the kind of life I really wanted to live.

He told me that he loved his job. He’s self-employed and makes what many in the UK would consider a modest salary.

He’s hardworking, committed and an amazing craftsman. Because he’s such a warm and friendly guy he’s never short of work and he has plenty of repeat business – I can attest to this having hired him several times myself.

Now, if he wanted to he could easily increase his hourly rate but he chooses not to. He doesn’t feel he needs to. He can live the life he wants on his existing income and what’s more he’s really happy. He’s built up a reputable business, is proud of what he does and feels genuinely fulfilled.

This was a sobering conversation and one that really resonated with me.

In a world where many of us are focused on money, money, money – the attaining of it, the lack of it, the excess of it, the spending of it etc. – what our carpenter said made think twice about how important money really is.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Money can’t buy you happiness” and as true as that may be I reckon their are 3 primary things that money can enable us to do:

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